Social Networking

Social networking through online sites have become so common everywhere now. Sites are striving to keep their customers loyal by improving the service and user experience.

While Facebook has left all others behind, Google is playing catch up games, now with its latest offer Google+. I have a Facebook account but I rarely use it. Quite a few friends requests are pending and I do not want to accept them as the more you accept the more requests comes. I just said why simply add people when I do not make use of it.

I liked the user interface of Facebook, well not it is getting complex as more and more information and buttons occupying screen space, but that is the price you have to pay for popularity.

I decided I will sign up for Google+ too. By the time I made up my mind, they had already closed the doors for free sign-ups. The only other way now was to get someone invite me to the network. As my most of the friends or all perhaps are on Facebook, I had to look elsewhere.

And yes as free the internet is, there are generous users who are ready to help you. Mind you there are many people taking advantages of this by selling the invites. And I was not so desperate to pay and get an invite. So guess who helped me to find a generous user?

You guessed it right. It is our own good friend Google. I requested this person to invite me through his blog and wonderfully he send me the request. And now I am a proud owner of Google+ Account.

Well I am not using it as for networking now, as I am trying out the features and may be someday will start using it, if there are enough other friends I can communicate through it.

My preliminary opinion about Google+ network was that it is fine but not as fine as to jump into it, though I wanted to jump for the hangouts and circles features which seemed pretty cool. The interface theme I felt little dull than Facebook. I like blue and this wasn’t blue, perhaps that is why. Otherwise Google+ is better than the earlier applications Google tried and surely will become second best after Facebook in near future.

I am sure as it goes on internet people get bored with one site and wants to try out something different, there will be market for Google+ and several next networks to come.


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