The Power Of Now – Book

The Power Of Now

The Power Of Now

In his book ‘The Power of Now’ Eckhart Tolle gives a different perspective on getting good health. May not be an easy concept to understand for everyone, though most may have heard about it.  You will find every expert in the world is trying to get the same goal with different techniques or methods. This is the same thing as “Being In Present”.

This concept has been related to spirituality, may be at higher and deeper level it may be but for common man this is a matter of good health. Good physical and mental Health must be right of everyone.

Although the concept is well-known, not many are able to grasp it fully and put in practice. Most are prisoners of the past and future, most are trapped in time.  Eckhart calls this as psychological time to distinguish it from clock time. Time is associated with mind where ego is identified, ego gives us distorted pictures of what is, based upon our past experiences and images. Past gives us resentment, sadness, anger where as future generates worry and anxiety, all these are undesirable things and hindrance to personal growth.

My opinion is that it is a very simple and fundamental concept made to sound confusing and complex by few people.

The author talks about the importance of being in Now. How and why we need to disassociate oneself from mind and subsequently the time. Past and future does not exist, what exist is always Now. There is no gain in visiting Past or think about Future. This neither means you will have to forget past experiences nor it means no future goals should be set. One can certainly invoke past when the situation demands and one will remember all that past, once we used the past experience we must focus back on Now. Same way once you set yourself goals, you focus on current activity.

The book certainly gives good insight into ‘Being In Present’ and makes your conviction stronger about Now.

India having great knowledge in this field and great tradition, sad that such courses are not mandatory in our school system, well they were in olden times. Once you have mind in control, you can easily complete any course or degree with flying colors. Well I strongly believe in this concept, our culture itself brings the best of such concepts, in forms of yoga and meditation.

I just hope everyone makes the use of the concept of Now whether as in book or as we know it as meditation.

To illustrate remember the moments when you were doing your favorite things, when you were so happy about some news or some accomplishments of yours.

Recall those moments and you will find you were applying “Power of Now“. You were so much involved into your current task or being happy that your mind had no time and place to think about past and future.

Recall the moment when u were reading something and instantly that got registered into your memory, mostly that happens in story books/novels not in course books, but that is the moment you were in Now.

Those moments brings the best of your attention, concentration and gets best out of you. Wouldn’t you like to have such moments every time you needed? Yes, you can, with the “Power of Now“.

I would appreciate your valuable comments.


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