The Art Of Swimming – How I learnt to Swim!!!

Well I clearly remember my first encounter with water fear although it existed before also. It was at the water park on the way to Washington D.C. [I forgot the name :-(]. We few friends had driven all the way to Washington D.C. and on the way we had visited this water park. I didn’t know how to swim, never had plunged into water before. I was excited to try out the rides and I enjoyed a few. Then came this long ride which ended in the pool and I landed awkwardly and for a minute I was drowning, I could see nothing, well that was what I thought and I was struggling like anything, when one of the friends pulled me up. The water level was just above knee or so. Well that was my last ride and last time I was in open water. I got such a fear that I never again tried any rides, missed all the fun.

Well that was long time ago and now after all these years I developed liking for water and wanted to get rid of my fear. I decided to join coaching classes. I still had the fear, I went to the club, saw the swimming pool from outside and went back few times without registering.

Just to prepare myself, I downloaded “How to Swim” YouTube videos and researched whole Google on the swimming techniques. I read and read and watched and watched. Somewhere I read one could use bath tub to get rid of fear. No bath tub, so I dipped my head into bucket and wondered why I never tried this before. [Kids please do not try this at home]. It did help me somewhat, it made me believe I could get rid of the fear!!! But still didn’t make it to club office.

Finally I invoked my mentor, my guru, Swami Vivekananda Ji and remembered his words, “All Power is within you, you can do anything and everything, just believe in that. Stand up, Be Bold, Be strong.”

Well that did it, I registered myself for classes the very next day. I said enough is enough, now I will just go and jump in the water. Easier said than done. I sat next to swimming pool with only my feet in water. There were kids around in water jumping, dancing, swimming and here I was with fear. “Go deeper into water, immerse yourself fully in water”, I heard coach saying, I could hardly hear him though. Water seemed cold and thought I would freeze in there. Slowly I got myself into water. Fear had made my muscles tense. I slowly sat in water, then walked around. It seemed easy, slowly I was losing the fear. “Loosen your muscles”, again I heard coach saying. “OK, Coach”. I just told myself to relax and by now I was enjoying the water.

I could float myself on water. But I was still holding the edge of the pool. Coach gave some more tips and asked to float till the other side of pool. It took another 5-10 minutes for me to do that. But finally by the end of one hour class, my most of the fear had disappeared. I could float from one side to the other side of the pool. I was thrilled to learn so much in one hour. Finally I had conquered water. Well I was yet to learn swimming, but I could learn that without fear from today and looking forward for the same.

Will update once I learn it fully, I am sure to learn it!!!

Have no fear, just enjoy life!!! For swimming please do not read any manuals, neither go to YouTube or Google, don’t sit next to swimming pool and waste time. Just jump in the water, you could learn it yourself, if you take out the fear factor.


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