How to Remain Ever Happy!!!

This is a book by Er. M. K. Gupta. It is nicely written in simple language and a must read for those who wants to stay Ever Happy. I find it very helpful. Here I would like to quote his tips in brief. These are the tips to release Stress, Tension and Anxiety. Many tips you will find you already know, but you got to ask yourself if you really believe in those or really following them. If you do great for you, otherwise make efforts to follow them and be Happy Always.

What is your formula to stay happy?  Please do share.

Before the tips here are some quotes on Happiness:

  • Happiness is a state of mind. It does not reside in a place or an object.
  • Nobody can make you happy except you yourself.
  • Fountain of happiness is inside you. Don’t make futile attempts to search it outside.
  • Happiness does not come from doing what we like to do but from liking what we have to do.

Here are the tips, most are self-explanatory but if need further explanation do read his book, there is a 1 or 2 page writings in the book for each tip. If need be I can give details on some points you want explanation from book.

  1. Concentration
  2. Detachment and letting go
  3. Planned thinking
  4. Positive Thinking
  5. Reduce Emotional Involvement, take things easy
  6. Welcome Difficulties and Problems of life, they are for our good
  7. There is a reason for everything, nothing happens by chance or accident
  8. Silence, Solitude and Self-Introspection
  9. Overcome Fears
  10. Don’t have inferiority complex, what others can do, you can also do.
  11. Don’t waste time
  12. Control over impulses, observe self-restraint and patience
  13. Don’t react immediately when provoked
  14. Brooding over past and worrying for future
  15. You are the master of your destiny
  16. Self-satisfaction before satisfaction of others
  17. Accept and recognize your weaknesses
  18. Don’t fill your subconscious mind with all sorts of garbage
  19. Avoid making remarks/comments/advice to others unless asked for
  20. Eliminate ego and doer-ship feeling
  21. Always remain optimistic
  22. Learn to say ‘No’
  23. Don’t linger things
  24. Always remain near to god
  25. There is nothing urgent or indispensable in the world
  26. There is nothing free of cost in this world
  27. Enjoy the work, don’t wait for the fruits
  28. Be flexible for adopting new changes and improvements
  29. Avoid greediness, everything belongs to God
  30. Small things are as important as big things
  31. Don’t show fickle mindedness in choosing or deciding something
  32. The more you give the more you get
  33. Avoid selfishness and expand your consciousness
  34. Reduce unnecessary worldly involvements
  35. Have a good company
  36. Always keep a smile on your face
  37. Reduce your expectations from others
  38. Reduce collection of worldly things
  39. Problems are an integral part of life
  40. Give the world more than what you take from it
  41. Be above limitations of life
  42. Regulate your diet for your mental well-being
  43. Do regular exercises
  44. Include rest and relaxation phases in your routine
  45. Improve quality of your sleep
  46. Remain above diseases of the body
  47. Eliminate the fear of death
  48. Take initiative in setting the things right
  49. Change yourself to change the world
  50. Learn to forget and forgive
  51. Avoid suspicions/doubts, have faith
  52. Be honest, truthful and righteous in your dealings
  53. There are pros and cons in everything in life
  54. Depend only on God for help
  55. Consider your children as the children of God
  56. Choose appropriate colors
  57. Maintain good postures
  58. Listen good, soothing music
  59. Go close to nature whenever you find an opportunity
  60. Maintain cleanliness and neatness in your surroundings
  61. Temperature, humidity, air pollution and noise affect your mood
  62. Install good photos and pictures
  63. Go on disposing of rubbish regularly
  64. Add humor and laughter in your routine
  65. Don’t be too anxious to know your future
  66. Control your desires and cravings for sensual enjoyment
  67. Don’t indulge in the mad race for money
  68. Never give the excuse that you don’t have time
  69. Live and work with the sole aim of your constant development
  70. Don’t waste anything
  71. Don’t be fussy over trifles
  72. Anger is a sign of weakness
  73. You are not indispensable for the world
  74. Don’t advertise your problems/difficulties to others
  75. Develop tolerance
  76. Don’t fight over religions
  77. Don’t try to be the master of everything
  78. Take and give help freely
  79. Enjoy each moment of life
  80. You can learn from everybody in the world
  81. Don’t do or accept anything which is less than the best
  82. Observe courtesy and good mannerism
  83. Don’t think or speak ill about anybody
  84. We are all connected to each other
  85. We can learn from every situation
  86. Don’t compare
  87. Be independent, take your own decisions
  88. Learn to appreciate others
  89. Be humble as you rise more and more
  90. Be grateful to God for every joy and comfort of your life
  91. Don’t always misunderstand others
  92. Let power come to you on its own
  93. External circumstances can’t create stress on their own
  94. Don’t make catastrophe out of unpleasant events of life
  95. Learn to give up and let go
  96. Do you feel lonely and bored?
  97. Don’t get upset over rejection and disapproval
  98. Eliminate self-centredness in your talking and dealings
  99. Don’t lower down your level to the level of the person who is misbehaving with you
  100. Avoid strain of perfectionism and idealism
  101. Learn to adjust and compromise
  102. Avoid the strain of impressing others
  103. Learn to change your thoughts quickly and consciously
  104. Continue to progress even in tragedies and misfortunes
  105. Reduce expectations from your spouse
  106. Live one day at a time, don’t rush
  107. Slow down the speed of your mind
  108. Does your conversation often end in irritation and heart-burning?
  109. Cope with one problem at a time
  110. Don’t leave your mind idle
  111. Don’t imagine problems and mis-happenings in life
  112. Don’t stop your life if you are upset
  113. Avoid constant bickering and complaints
  114. Don’t waste your energy in satisfying and pleasing others
  115. Avoid excessive thinking and planning
  116. Don’t try to change others
  117. Be lavish in praise but miser in criticism
  118. Develop more and more Satoguna
  119. Don’t damage yourself while serving others
  120. Learn to accept everything in life
  121. Don’t develop hatred for the bad
  122. Don’t make others dependent and handicapped
  123. Go beyond prejudices and biases
  124. Don’t exploit the weak and helpless
  125. Don’t be obsessed with external rituals and worships
  126. Don’t torture your body by false penance
  127. Don’t be an imitator or follower
  128. Don’t resist anything in life

By constant practice and contemplation of the foregoing tips, we can achieve a stable position and prevent ourselves from dancing between the extremes of life.

I hope you will follow this and be Ever Happy 🙂


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